Ha Long Bay is one of the best tourist attractions in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular. It is not only a beauty natural site but also a big big proud of any Vietnamese. It will be a huge mistake if you come to Vietnam and miss this place. Below is the list of top beautiful site in Ha Long Bay that must be visited.


The name Ti Top is named after a hero of the former Soviet Union – Ghermann Titov by President Ho Chi Minh on the occasion of his first visit to Halong Bay in 1962.

Located in the heart of Halong Bay, which is only 7-8 kilometers from the Southeast of Bai Chay Harbor, Ti Top Island is considered as one of the most attractive sites for both international and domestic tourists to Halong.

Different from any other sites in Ha Long, Ti Top Island does not only possess breath taking romantic landscapes, but also has a heavenly beautiful beach  which is perfect for any beach activity.

Although it is not really big comparing to other beaches in Halong, Ti Top Beach is especially famous for its fresh atmosphere, clean water, and smooth white sand that create a great ambiance for tourists to relax. Thanks to all these, Ti Top Beach draws a huge amount of visitors during summer of special occasion.


Floating on the emerald water, Đầu Gỗ Island (Wooden Head Island) is amongst the most famous tourist attractions in Halong Bay. Inside Đầu Gỗ Island, tourists will find Đầu Gỗ Cave a very interesting cave.

Legends say that the name Đầu Gỗ (Wooden Head) originates from the victory of the Supreme Commander Tran Hung Dao (1228-1300) against Mongol invasion in the 13th Century on Bach Dang River by deploying booby traps of giant steel-tipped wooden stakes beneath the water. He found a away to hide all the stakes during high tides so that the Mongol could not see it. Later on, some of those wooden stakes flow to this cave and was discovered by the local people.

Đầu Gỗ Cave is proudly listed in the world famous tourism book Merveille de Monde published in France in 1938, which presents the most beautiful and worth visiting tourist attractions in the world, including Đầu Gỗ Cave under the name “Grotte des marveilles” (Cave of Wonders).

From afar, the cave looks like a jellyfish with 90 steps stair. Into the cave, a giant system of stalagmites and stalactites resembling stony waterfalls would make anyone feel like being one with the nature.

The cave has three main compartments. The first area has a curved shape which is filled up by natural light. The celling of this area is a giant oil painting describing primitive landscapes with rows of stalagmites and stalactites changing their color upon the intensity and angle of the light. Many tourists love letting their imagination go wild with all the light reflecting on those stalagmites and stalactites.

Passing the first area by going through a narrow entrance, tourists will get to the second part. It is a little bit lack of light, but it has a more intriguing ambiance of fuzzy picture formed by the harmonious combination of light and stalactites that stimulate your curiosity but also be a little bit creepy.

The adventure continues with a sudden discovery of the last massive. Here, there is a sacred fairy well that is said to be used by beautiful fairies descending from the heavenly kingdom.

Trong Mai Islet (Kissing Rocks)

Located in the southwest of Ha Long Bay, Trong Mai Islet is a unique islet with the shape of two giant chickens on Ha Long Bay. Trong Mai Islet is also called as Ga Choi or Kissing Rocks. This islet is about 5-6 km from Bai Chay Port and located close to Dinh Huong Islet. From afar, Trong Mai Islet is extremely majestic, beautiful and brilliant on the sea under the sunrise. Its height is about more than 10m.

Among the huge ocean, Trong Mai Islet appears with the image of two chickens: a cock and a hen as a couple of husband and wife. This represent for the love, faith and belief and brings a unique cultural beauty. This islet has a giant body but a small foot; it looks as if it can fall down at any times. However, Trong Mai Islet maintains with the time. Trong Mai Islet stands in a haughty posture among the immense blue sea despite the stormy weather. Trong Mai Islet is considered a symbol of tourism on Ha Long Bay with its beauty and meaning. This islet is also an endless source of inspiration for authors to compose songs and write poems. People also make small lovely souvenirs with the same shape of Trong Mai Islet to sell for tourists. These things also help to advertise the image of Vietnam in the world. Trong Mai Islet is really a fantastic site associated with the culture and symbol of Ha Long.

Sung Sot Cave is located on Bo Hon Island, in the northwest of Halong Bay and often called this grotto is Surprise Cave. It was first discovered by the French in 1901 and originally named “Grotte des Surprises”. As its name, Sung Sot is one of the most spectacular and largest karst caves in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
At approximately 25m above sea level, this kind of limestone cave occupies around 10,000 m2 and comprises two caverns, each as beautiful and fascinating as the other. After a steep climb of around 50 steps to get to the mouth of the cave – which is sheltered by natural vegetation – visitors step into another world: a world that combines the cool mystery of Sung Sot Cave with soft, diffused light from the outside world.
The first chamber of Sung Sot Cave is known as the waiting room and is around 30 metres high. It is accessed by walking down a flight of 10 steps from the mouth of the cave. With walls eroded by Mother Nature and squarish in shape, the waiting room provides a grand entrance to the larger, second chamber, which is reached by a narrow path joining the two caves. It is when they enter the second chamber, that tourists to Sung Sot understand why it is called the Surprise Cave. An “Opera House” appears in front you with a numerous number of flowstones, stalactites, stalagmites and columns forming thoughout millions of years.
The second, or inner chamber, is so large it could hold a thousand people at any one time. Above and below, magnificent stalactites and stalagmites extend from the floor and ceiling, sometimes meeting in unison. A meandering path around the chamber allows tourists a view of the cave from different angles, and the light from outside, when coupled with the cave’s coloured and enhanced lighting, creates a magical world, perfect for photographs.


Thien Cung Cave (Heavenly Palace Cave) is located in the southwest of Halong Bay, 4 km away from Dau Go Island, which is considered the most beautiful primitive cave of the Bay. The cave is 10,000 square meters with complicated interior structure, many floors, and high ceiling. The cave becomes famous thanks to a unique system of stalactites and stalagmites with different forms and shapes.

Exploring Thien Cung Cave’s craggy cliffs is no easy task. Going through a narrow door, you would be surprised by a large space inside the cave that the further you walk, the more beautiful formation of stalactites come to your eyes.

On the wall of the eastern side of the cave, an impressive picture of stalactites and stalagmites give tourists the most fantastic feeling ever. The travel guide would never forget to tell you legends or folk tales interpreted from the picture by the local Halong people.

Make full use of your imagination to create pictures of fish schools, flocks of birds, and the daily life of people from a giant natural rock pillar all naturally sculptured by stalactites inside your mind when you come to the center of the cave.

Above your head, on the ceiling of Thien Cung Cave, amazing rows of stalagmites drooping through million years that create colorful pictures and melodies thank to the light and the wind flowing inside the cave.

Leaving the cave, tourist would feel a lingering sensation like just finish a tour to a massive art museum created by the Mother Nature.


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