Located in the southwest of Ha Long Bay, Kissing Rocks is a unique islet with the shape of two giant chickens on Ha Long Bay. Kissing Rocks is also called as Ga Choi or Trong Mai Islet. This islet is about 5km from Bai Chay Port and located near Dinh Huong Islet. From the further distance, Kissing Rocks is extremely majestic, beautiful and brilliant on the sea under the sunrise. Its height is about more than 10m.

Among the massive ocean, Kissing Rocks appears with the image of two chickens: a cock and a hen as a couple of husband and wife. This symbolizes for the love, faith and belief and brings a unique cultural beauty. This islet has a giant body but a small foot; it looks as if it can fall down at any times. However, Kissing Rocks maintains with the time. Kissing Rocks stands in a haughty posture among the immense blue sea despite the stormy weather. Kissing Rocks is considered a symbol of tourism on Ha Long Bay with its beauty and meaning. This islet is also an endless source of inspiration for authors to compose songs and write poems. People also make small lovely souvenirs with the same shape of Kissing Rocks to sell for tourists. These things also help to advertise the image of Vietnam in the world. Kissing Rocks is really a fantastic site associated with the culture and symbol of Ha Long.

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